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ps/pe foam extrusion line
sheet extrusion line
recycling extrusion line
foamed net manufacturing equipment
profile extrusion line
doubled side bearing support pelletizer
single side bearing support pelletizer
lab. scale pelletizer
other equipment




MODEL : TW-200DP , TW-300DP , TW-400DP,TW-600DP,TW-800DP,TW-1000DP





  • A partial loop around the lower feed roller and strand traction (no pull section needed).
  • The upper feed roller to contact the stands linear ( low contact pressure, less wear).
  • No fly back of pellets.
  • Bearings are placed outside the cutting chamber, to assure pellets do not stick to the grease.
  • The housing can be opened easily by hand without using any tools.
  • The cutter block is supported by a frame assembly.
  • Cutting rotor is directly driven by the belt, and the speed is controlled by inverter or gear reducer.







  • ABS,PE,PS,PP,PET......









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